Reiki for Pregnant Women


Reiki for Pregnant Women and Their Partners

A woman experiences many physical, emotional, and sometimes spiritual changes during pregnancy. Especially in these difficult economic times where families are balancing jobs and raising children, these changes can involve stress and discomfort.

Reiki is a proven stress reducer and these treatments and practices can help a pregnant woman to reduce fatigue and nausea, as well as bring relief to every part of an expanding body. Reiki can also assist in bringing both mom and dad to their inner places of peace, universal love, and healing.

My goal in working with a pregnant woman and her partner is to attune both of them to Reiki practices. This will enable them to use this relaxation method with each other during pregnancy and for the rest of their lives. This course will also teach them how to give Reiki treatments to their baby, both intra-uterine and post-partum.

Parents who know Reiki can often treat/heal their children by touch, bringing the comfort that only a parent can give. Generally the younger the child, the quicker Reiki is absorbed into the system and the swifter the results. Reiki can never do harm; children move away when they have had enough.

I offer a scheduled series of private classes, where you can both learn about Reiki history, the fundamentals of practice, and the basic hand positions.  I will tie all the instruction into pregnancy and delivery situations, but this class does not necessarily replace a birthing class, which I highly recommend that you also consider taking along with the Reiki classes.

I am a certified childbirth educator (Informed Homebirth), a retired lay midwife, and a Reiki Master Teacher. I have three grown children of my own and one grand-child. In addition to providing Reiki training to parents, I also work with couples and single mothers as a birthing companion.